Discover Ithaca
 Land of Lakes Waterfalls and Festivals

                Discover Ithaca
           Land of Lakes Waterfalls and Festivals

To view excerpts from the video of "Discover Ithaca" DVD click on the image to the left. The full video is to help one discover all about Ithaca and why it is a unique place in Upstate New York, an urban lifestyle in a setting of lakes, gorges and natural beauty.
The towering waterfalls, deep ice-age gorges with endless panoramic views, and boating on the largest of the Finger Lakes. Experience some of the best festivals in the land with music, entertainment, sporting events and foods from all over the world.
Ithaca has been named "The Jewel of the Finger Lakes", maybe because of wine tasting on the Cayuga Lake Wine Trail, the nations first wine trail, offering a unique blend of fine wines, scenic waterfalls and local gourmet eateries. Or the Ithaca Farmer's Market, open on the Cayuga Inlet every weekend from April until December. But perhaps it's something more. Maybe the pedestrian mall, the Ithaca Commons, where the Ithaca Festival is celebrated each spring and the Apple Festival held at the end of summer. Whatever the reason, this DVD will take you back to all the events and show you all the wonderful and spectacular sites and sounds of the region.

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Comments and Letters.

My wife and I enjoy the video Discover Ithaca very much, Its very well done. We are telling all of our friends about it and we highly recommend it to every one.

Mr and Mrs Larry Thayer
Ithaca, New York

We purchased the video Discover Ithaca before my husband and I planned our visit to the USA. We found it very informative and it made our decision to spend some time in Central New York an easy one. Ithaca is one of the most beautifull area's anywhere in the world. 

Mr and Mrs Ken Raybold
West Midlands

I find the content of the Ithaca/Tompkins County/Finger Lakes DVD to be wonderfully done. Rudy's commentary adds a bit of reality, since he has been an Ithaca resident and broadcast legend for at least 60 years. The photography of the beautiful falls and gorges as well as the information about the many activities that folks enjoy year round say volumes about the area and it's beauty. I especially like the sections about the many music and food related events that take place.The Finger Lakes area
of New York has many attractions, Ithaca is but one, a fantastic one, at that.

Ron Volbrecht
Melborne, Florida 

The video Discover Ithaca is wonderfull. It shows all of the many scenic atractions that make Ithaca one of the wonders of nature. The Video is very well done.

Brad Perkins

Dryden, New York

The Discover Ithaca DVD is flying of the shelves please send us more to keep up with the demand.

Linda Hendricks
Sales Manager
Borders Book Store Ithaca, New York

There is something about the DVD Discover Ithaca that is down to earth, inclusive of many of the delights in Ithaca, a great showing of the various peoples that live there, and photography that is so realistic. I love it!

Joan Anderson
Pearth Amboy, NJ 

I was delighted to receive and view my copy of Discover Ithaca. I found it quite enjoyable. Ithaca and vicinity such a beautiful area that I am pleased someone chose to record it on video.
I worked at Cornell and lived in Ithaca in the late 1960's. i left to take a better job in Des Moines in 1970.
A mistake, I now think. I have been back a couple of times briefly in the last ten years. Your video both brought back memories and introduced me to some newer goings on.
I remember coming back to town for a visit for the first time in over 30 years. I felt strangely like I was coming home. I guess Ithaca is that kind of place.

Thanks again, as Mr hope used to say, for the memories.

Very truly yours,

John L. Gann, Jr
Madison, WI

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